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SIR REGINALD SPENCE, kt., & S. H. PRATER, c.m.z.s.


Nos. 3 6: 4

Containing 9 Coloured Plates, 66 Black and White Plates, 51 Text-figures and 2 Maps

Dates of Pnblicatio)i Part III, (Pages 473 to 744) ... 30th May, 1929. IV. ( 745 to 1005) ... 15th October, 1929.


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No. 3


The Game Birds of the Indian Empire. Part IX. (^With a coloured plate) of The Pheasant-tailed Jacana (Hydro- phasianus chirurgus) and the Bronze-winged Jacana {Metopidius indicus.) By E. C. Stuart Baker, J. P., f.z.s., f.l.s., m.b.o.u., h.f.a.o.u 473

Revision of the Flora of the Bombay Presidency.

Part IX. By B. Blatter, s.j., Ph.D., f.l.s 480

A Grasshopper Mimic. (Isopsera pedunctdaia,) [With a

plale,) By Major R. W. G. Kingston, i.m.s..... 497

Tigers. ( With a coloured and twelve black and white plates.)

By R. I. Pocock, f.r.s 505

Notes on the birds of Coorg. By F. N. Betts 542

vShells of the Tropical Seas. Part 11. {With four plates.)

By Ida Colthurst 552

Scientific Results from the Mammal Survey, No. XLIX —A New Flying Squirrel from Nepal. By Mrs. H. N. Lindsay, ma, b.sc 565

FlowerleSs Plants. Part I. {With one coloured and two black and white plates.) By Mrs. M. Robinson, b.a. (t.c.d.), Nat, sci. Tripos. Cam 570

Indian Dragonflies. Part XXXIII. { With two plates

and two text-figures.) By Lt.-Col. F. C. Fraser, i.m.s. 576

Some Notes on the Birds Breeding Round Quetta. {With two plates.) By Major C. H. Williams, m.b.o.u., and C. B. Williams 598

Early Stages in the Development of Gold Fish. {Carassius auratus.) {With tzvo plaies.) By M. Hamid Khan, m.sc, ll.b 614

Bombay Minerals. By Jayme Ribeiro, l.c.e 618

Conspicuous Flowering Trees of India. Part I. {With two coloured plates^ two black and white plates and four text- figures.) By W. S. Millard and E. Blatter.... 624

Bo VI. Nat. Hist, Soc. Mammal Survey of India, Burma and Ceylon. Report No. 46. (Supplementary.) By T. B. Fry 6.S6

Sound Production by a Larva of Cybister. {Dytis-

c/p.^) By D. Mnkerji 653




A Reed-Bed in the Dal Lake, Kashmik. With six plates.)

By Capt. R. S. P. Bates, m.b.o.u 656

A New vSpecies of (; ynmkothki ps from Bangalore,

India. By Dudley Moulton 667

Notes on vSome Indian Lepidoptera with Abnormal Habits. By Dr. T. V. Ramakrishna Ayyar, b.a,, Ph.D., F.z.s 668

Bom. Nat. Hist. Socy.'s Investigation into the Composi- tion OF Salt Licks. Part I. By Father J. F. Caius, S.J., and K. H. Bharucha, p. a., p. so 676

The Toxicity of the Venom of Indian Scorpions. By

Father J. F. Caius, S.J 680

Reviews :

Queer Fish, (s.h.p.).... 681

Blue Blood in Animals, (s.h.p.)... 681

Tales from some Eastern JuxVGles. (r.b.) 683

Mishi the Man-Eater, and other Tales of Big Game.

(R.B)... 686

Beautiful Flowers of Kashmir. (J.F.R. D'A.) 688

Editorial 689

Black Panthers. An Inquiry. (R. I. Pocock) 693

Mlscellaneous Notes :

I. The Sense of Smell in Indian Felidce. By R.C.Morris 695 II. A Wounded Sambhar seized by a Tiger. By

C. W. G. Morris 695

III. Decoying Tiger by Sound. By M. O. Daly 696

IV. Are there more than one species of Panther in

India? By R. C. Morris 697

V. Vitality oi a Panther. {With a photo.) By

A. S. Vernay 698

VI. A Record Panther. By E. Limouzm 699

VII. Oil the occurrence of the Cheetah {Aco?ionyx

jubatiisymlr2iq.{Withaphoto.)ByI)r,'^, h.Coxkm. 700 VIII. A Brown Variety of the Sloth Bear {Melursns

ursinus,) By J. A. Duke, i.p.s 702

IX. On the Himalayan Palm-Civet (Paradoxiirus

grayi.) By S. G. Martin 703

X. How Wild Dogs kill their Prey. By L. A. J. Rijk. 704 XI. Wild Dog and Barking Deer. By J. M. D.

Mackenzie, i.f.s 705

XII. Bison eating Bark. By G. H. Ogilvie 706

XIII. ' An Elephant with Extraordinary Glands.' By

G. Carmichael Low, m.d 707



XIV. A- Jungle Tragedy. By A. P. Mathew, m.a......... 707

XV. The Racket-Feathers of Dissemnn/s paradiseiis.

{ With a photo.) By Salim A. Ali 709

XVI. A Note on the Breeding of the Tailor-Bird

{Ort/iotomus sutorius.) By Rev. F. S. Briggs.... 710

XVII. A Strange Pet. {With a photo.) By V. S. LaPer-

sonne 712

XVIII. The Stork-billed Kingfisher {Ravipha/cyon capensis

giirial) eating birds- By Miss S. Wyatt 713

XIX. Migration of the Pied Crested Cuckoo iClamator

jacobimis.) By F. N. Betts 714

XX. Distribution of the Brown vShrike {Lanius cristaiiis

cristatus.) By F. N. Betts 714

XXI. A Hawk incident. By Capt. L. E. MacGregor 714

XXII. Notes on the Woodcock near Rangoon. By B. O.

Bloech 715

XXIII. Occurrence of the Bar-tailed Godwit. {Limosa

lapponicd lapponica)'m Salsette (Bombay Subur- ban District). By Salim A. Ali.... 71b

XXIV. Occurrence of the White-fronted Goose. {Anser

albUrons albiirons) in the United Provinces. By

Capt. M. J. W. O'Donovan 716

XXV. Pochard perching on a Tree. By Lieut. A. Bayley-

de Castro, i.m.d 716

XXVI. The Kissing habit among Birds and Animals. By

Colonel A, E. Mahon, d.s.o 717

XXVII. Different Birds Nesting in Company. By W. A.

Tucker 718

XXVIII. Bird Movements in Coorg. By F. N. Betts 718

XXIX. Migration of Wildfowl.— Editors 7J9

XXX. The Distribution of the Mugger. By Dr. Malcolm

Smith.... 721

XXXI. An Unpleasant experience with a Python. By -

Lt.-Col. R. W. Keays 721

XXXII. A True Snake Story. By Capt. L. E. Mac

Gregor 722

XXX III. A Krait {I3iingaria c^ruieus) with divided Sub-

caudals. By P. Murphy 722

XXXIV. Recovery from the bite of a Phoorsa {Echis

carinata). By S. A, Strip 723

XXX V^. Occurrence of the ' Slimy ' Coecilian {Ichthyophis glutinosus, Boulenger) in Panchgani. By J. P. Mullan , 723




XXXVI. Do Frogs eat Snakes? By Beni Charan

Mahendra, m.sc... . 724

XXXVII. Animal Barometers. By H. Jouguet 725

XXXVIII. Migration of Butterflies. By G. Wesche-Dart 726

XXXiX. Occurrence of the Oak-Leaf Butterfly. {Kallima

korsfieldi) nesiv Bombay, By G. Wesche-Dart... 726 XL. Note on the Breeding of Terias Icsta and T, venata and the probability of their being seasonal forms of a single species. By Lt.-Col. A. H. B. Mosse,

I. A 727

XLI. Ants taking to Water. By Major W. M. Logan

Home, i.A 730

XLII. A Note on the Occurrence of Buds in the Axils of the Cotyledons ( With two plates.) By N. K.

Tiwary, M.sc.......... . 731

An Appeal to Sportsmen. By R. I. Pocock, f.r.s 733

Answers to Correspondents , 735

Proceedings 737

No. 4

The Game Birds of the Indian Empire. Part X. {With a coloured plate) of the Great vStone-Plover {Esacus reciirvirostris,) By E. C. Stuart Baker, J. p., f.z.s., f.l.s., m.b.o.u., h.f.a.o.u 745

Revision of the Flora of the Bombay Presidency.

Part X. By Rev. E. Blatter, S.J., Ph.D., f.l.s 753

The S ruDY of Indian Birds. Part III. {With four black and

white plates,) By H. Whistler, f.z.s., f.l.s., m.b.o.u 776

Flower less Plants. Part II. ( With one coloured plate and five black a7id white plates.) By Mrs. M. Robinson, b.a., (t.c.d.) Nat. sci. Trip, cam 793

Notes on the Birds of the Upper Burma Hills. Part I. {With a map a7id three black and white plates.) By P. F. Wickham... 800

Shells of the Tropical Seas. Part III. {With two black

and white plates and one text-figure,) By Ida Colthurst... 828

Indian Dragonflies. Part XXXIV. {With two black and white plates and four text-figures.) By Lt.-Col. F. C. Fraser, i.M.s., f.e.s. 834

Some Beautiful Indian Trees. Part II. {With two colour- ed plates and two black and zvhite plates and five text- figures). By Rev. E. Blatter and W. S. Millard... 851



LiFE-HisTORv Notes on Lamprosema indicata {Pyra-

LiD.^:) ; A Caterpillar Pest of Chrysanthemums.

By M, C. Cherian, b.a., b.sc 857

A Further Elephant Shoot on the Baragur Hills.

{IViih a plate.) By Randolph C. Morris. 861

Mosses of the Bombay Presidency, The High Wavy

Mountain and Mount Abu, By E. Blatter, s.j 869

The Life of a Mealy-Bug {Mo?iophlebus stebbingi). {With

one plate and three text-figures, ^ By Major R. W. G.

Hingston, i.m.s. , 88u

A Note on the Butterflies and Hawk-Moths of

Kathiawar. By Lt.-Col. A. H. Mosse, i.a., f.z.s 888

A vShort Account of the Oyster Industry in the Island

OF Bombay and Salsette. (With five plates and three

text' fi glares.) By H. S. Rai, m.sc. 893

The Flowering of Bamboos. Part I. By Rev. E.

Blatter, s.j , 899

The History and Progress of the Zoological Survey

OF India. {Introdnciion^ By Lt.-Col. R. B. Seymonr

Sewell, i.m.s., m.a., f.a.s.b., f.l.s., f.z.s

A Butterfly Hunter's Ramble in the Tavoy District,

Burma. By W. S. Wood 93]

The Present State of the Game and Wild Life in

Ceylon. (IVith five plates.) By W. W. A. Phillips, f.z.s, 94^ Game Preservation in the Nilgiris in 1929. By Major

E. G. Phythian-Adams, i.a. (Retd.), f.z.s 947

The Toxicity of the Venoms of Indian Scorpions. By

Rev. J. F. Cains, s.j., f.l.s 95^


Centenary History of the Zoological Society of

London. (N.B.K.) 954

The Cowbirds. (H.W.)... 957

The Plant in Relation to Water (E.B.) 964

Obituary Oldfield Thomas 966

Migration of Wild Fowl 970

Miscellaneous Notes :—

I. Alarm Call of Langoors. By Major W. M. Logan

Home, i.a 97J

II. Food of the Slow Loris {Nycticebus covcang).

By J. M. D. Mackenzie, i.f.s. 971

III. Tiger Tracks. By A. A. Uunbar Brander. 972

IV. Proportion of the Sexes in Tigers. By R. C.

Morris 97^




V. On the Occurrence of Tigers on the Islands of Bombay and Salsette. By S. H. Prater,

c.M.z.s 973

VI. The Tiger's Method of making a ' Kill.' {With a

photo.) By Lt.-Col. R. VV. Burton, i.A. (Retd.). 974 VII. An Experience with a Tigress. By S. Hanhart... 976 VIII. Sense of Smell in the Lion. By Col. H. D. Olivier. 977 IX. Wounded Panther returning to 'Kill.* By

R. C. Morris 977

X. Panther Climbing up to a Machan. By Lt.-CoL

R. W. Burton, i.a. (Retd.) 978

XI. Rogue Elephants with malformed tusks. {With a

photo.) By L. L. Reade... 979

XII. Notes on Bedmore's Squirrel {Menetes berdmorei.)

By J. M. D. Mackenzie 980

XIII. Elephant mistaken for a Tiger. By R. C. Morris. 981

XIV. Body measurements of a Gaur (Bibos gaurus).

{With a photo.) By I. L. Cameron.. 983

XV. The Distribution of the Mouse Deer {Moschiola

menmma). ( With a Map. ) By. F. W. Champion. 985

XVI. How the Female Dugong carries her Young.

By S. H. Prater, C.M.z.s 987

XVII. The Sawn-of¥ Shot-gun—The Watchman's Gun.

By W. W. A. Phillips 987

XVIII. Occurrence of the Trumpeter Bullfinch (Bucartetes githaginea crassirostris) in the Punjab Salt Range.

By H. W. Waite... 989

XIX. Migration Notes from Kashgar, Chinese Turkes- tan. By Capt. G. Sherriff, r.a 989

XX. Mortality amongst Hoopoe Nestlings. By H. M.

GrifBths 990

XXI. Nidification of Bingham's White-headed Bulbul.

( Cerasophila thonipsoni.) By J. M. D. Mackenzie,

i.F.s , 991

XXII. Ef¥ect of wind on the flight of Birds. {With two

diagrams.) By Major R. W. G. Kingston,

i.M.s 992

XXIII. The Survival of the Gavial {Gavialis gangeticus)

in Burma. {With three text-iigures.) By Dr. Malcolm Smith 995

XXIV. Note on a Formosan Viper {Trimeresurus mucro-

squamatus) from the North-East Frontier. By

3. H. Prater, c.M.z.s..... 998



^ XXV. Record of Symptoms and Treatment of a Bite from a Formosan Viper {Trimeresurus mvcrosquayna- tus.) By J. Sakia 998

XXVI. Mahseer Fishing at Tangrote, Jhelum District, in

December. By Capt. W. H. C.Jones 999

XXVII. Means of Defence in Insects. By J. M. D. Mac-

kenzie, i.f.s... 1000

XXVilL On a New Form of Hesperid BnttQx^y {Baor is cmia-

rica yatesi) from Coorg. By Brigadier W. H.

Bvans, c.i.e., r.e. 1000

XXIX. The Discovery of Germination of Cyaihodium

spores. {With a diagram). By N. K. Tiwary. 1001 XXX. vSome Orchids, not previously recorded, from the

Ganjam District, Madras Presidency. By

C. Henderson, i.c.s 1003

Proceedings 1004


VOLUME XXXlIi Nos. 3 and 4


Ali, SalimA., M.B.O.U. Tile Racket-feathers of Dissemiirtis

paradiseus 709

_ ^ Occurrence of the

Bar-tailed Godwit {Limosa I ap p on i c a lapponica) in Salsette, (Bombay Suburban District) 716

Ayyar, Dr. T.Y. Ramakrismna, Ph.D. F.Z.S. ; Notes on some Indian Lepidoptera with abnormal habits ... 668

Bakhr, E. C. Stuart, J. P., F.Z.S., F.L.S., M.B.O.U., H.F.A.O.U. : The Game Birds of the Indian Empire, Part IX. ( With a coloured plate) of The Pheasant-tailed Jacana {Hydrophasianus chiriirgus) and The Bronze winged J acaua ( Metopidius indicus )... 4 7 ,S

Game Birds of the Indian Empire, Part X. [With a coloured plate) of The Great Stone Plover [Esacus recur- virostris) ... 745

Bates, Capt. R.S.P., M.B.O U.; A Reed- bed in the Dal Lake, Kashmir. [With si ic plates) ... 656

Bayley-de Castro, Lieut. A,, LM.D ; Pochard perching on a tree 716

Bell, T,R., C.L.E. ; Comments on the breeding of Terias hsta and T. venata and the proba- bility of their being seasonal forms of a single species ... 729

Betts, F, N. ; Notes on the Birds of Coorg 542

- Distribution of

the Brown Shrike [Lanius fristatus cristatns) 714



480 753



Betts, F, N. ; Bird movements in Coorg ...

Blatter, E., SJ.,Ph.D., F.L.S. and McCann, C. , Revision of the Flora -of the Bombay Presidency. Parts IX-X. Graminece

I Mosses of the

Bombay Presidency, The High Wavy Mountains and Mt. Abu

; The Flowering

of Bamboos, Part 1

Blatter, E.,see Millard, W.S.

Bloech, F. O. ; Notes on Woodcock near Rangoon ... 715

Brander, a. a. Dunbar ; Tiger Tracks 972

Bricgs, Rev. F, S. ; A note on the breeding of the Tailor- Bird (Or///ci'<7;wz/5 5//i?i?rz'//.!>) ... 71(i

Burton, Lt.-Col. R. W. ; The Tiger's Method of making a ' Kill ' 974

climbing to a Machan ... 978

Caius, J. F., S.J., F.L.S. , and Bharucha, K.H., B.A., B.Sc; The Bombay Natural Hi-story Society's Investigation into the composition of Salt-licks.

Part I 676

, The Toxicity of the Venom of Indian Scor- pions 680,952

Cameron, 1. L. ; Body mea- surements of a Gaur {Btbos

gaums) {with a photo) Cherian, M.C, B.A., B.Sc, D.l.C. ; Life-History Notes on {Lamprosema indicata) , {Pyralidce) A Caterpillar pest of Chrysanthemums





Page J

CoLTHURST, Miss Ida ; Shells , of the Tropical Seas, Part II {With four f)lates and fifteen \ photos) ... ... ... 552 j

; Shellj5 of

the Tropical Seas. Part 111. i ( With two plates and one text- \ figure) 828 j

CoRKiLL, Norman L. ; On the i Occurrence of the Cheetah ] {Acononyx jiibatus) in Iraq. {With a photo) 700

Daly, M. O. ; Decoying Tiger by Sound 696

Duke, J. A., LP.S., ; A Brown variety of the Sloth Bear iMelursus ur sinus) 702

Editorial 689

Editors ; The Migration of Wildfowl „, 719

= -- ; Mortality amongst Hoopoe nestlings 990

; Means of Defence in

Insects ... 1000

Evans, Brigadier W. H. ; On a new form of Hesperid Butterfly {Baoris c an ar i c a y ate si) from Coorg 1000

Eraser, Lt-Col. F. C, I. M.S. F.E.S. ; Indian Dragonfiies. Part XXXllI. [With tzvo plates and tzi'O text-figures) 576

; Part XXXIV. {With

two plates and foiir text- figures) 834

Fry, T. B. ; Bombay Natural History Society's Mammal Survey of India, Burma and Ceylon, Report No. 46 {Supple- mentary) 636

Griffiths, H, M. ; Mortality amongst Hoopoe nestlings ... 990

Hanhart, S. ; An experience with a Tigress 976

Henderson, C, LC.S. ; Some Orchids not previously recorded from the Ganjam District, Madras Presidency 1003

Hingston, Major R. W. G. ; | A Grasshopper Mimic {Isopsera j pedunculata) . {With one plate) 497 j


Hingston, Major R. W. G. ; The Life of a Mealy-Bug {Mono- phlebus stebbingi) . { With one plate and three text-figures) ... 880

; Effect

of wind on the flight of birds. ( With two diagi^ams)... 992

Home, Major W. M. Logan, I. A. ; Ants taking to water ... 730

Jones, Capt. W. H.C; Mahseer fishing at Tangrote, .Thelum District, in December ... 999

JouGUET, H. ; Animal Baro- meters 725

Keays, R. W. ; An unpleasant experience with a Python ... 614

Khan, M. Hamid ; Early stages in the development of Gold Fish ( Carassius auratus) . {With a plate) 614

La Personne, V. S. ; A Strange Pet. {With a photo) 712

LiMOUziN, E. ; A Record Pan- ther (599

Lindsay , Mrs. H. M., M.A., B.Sc. ; Scientific Results from the Mammal Survey. No. XLIX : A ne\s Flying Squirrel from Nepal 56S

Logan- Ho ME, Major W. M., I.A. ; Alarm call of Langoors.. 971

Low, G. Carmichael, M. D., F.R.C.P. ; An Elephant with extraordinary glands ... 707

McCann, C; see Blatter, E.

MacGregor, Capt. L. E. ; A Hawk Incident 714

. ; A

True Snake Story 722

Mackenzie, J. M. D., l.F.S. ; Wild Dog and Barking Deer... 705

•■ = ; Food of

the Slow Loris {Nycticebus coucang) ... 971

; Notes on

Berdmore's Squirrel {Menetes berdmorei) ... 980

; Nidifica-

tion of Bingham's White-head- ed Bulbul ( Cerasophila thomp- soni) ... ... 991



Page 1

Mackenzie, J. M. D,, l.F.S. , Means of Defence in Insects ... 1000

Mahendra, B e n I Charan, M.vSc. ; Do Frogs eat Snakes? 724

Mahon, Colonel A. E., D.S.O.- The Kissing Habit among Birds and Animals 717

Martin, S.J. ; On the Himala- yan Palra-Civet [Paradoxurus \ grayi) ... 703 \

Mathew, a. p., M.A. ; A ! Jungle Tragedy 707

Millard, W. S. and Blatter,

E. ; Conspicuous Flowering- Trees of India, Parti-

two coloured plates, two black and white plates and four teyl-

figures) 624

; Part U. {With two coloured plates and two j black and white plates and five \ text-figures) 851 j

Morris, Chas. W= G. ; A ' Wounded Sambhur seized by a Tiger 695

Morris, Ralph C. ; The Sense of Smell in Indian Felida; ... 695

; Are there |

more than one species of 3-*an- j ther in India ? 697 j

Morris, Randolph C. ; A Fur- i ther Elephant Shoot on the | Baragur Hills (with a plate) ... 861

of the Sexes in Tigers ... 972 ; Wounded

Panther returning to * Kill ' 977 . ; Elephant

Mistaken for a Tiger 981 Mosse, Lt.-Col. A. H. E,, I. A,,

F. Z. S. ; Note on the breed- ing of Terias Iceta and T. venata and the probability of their being seasonal forms

of a single species 727

A Note on the Butterflies and Hawk Moths of Kathiawar ... 888 Mukerji, Durgadas ; Sound production by a Larva of Cy\A9>X.^x {DytisciAcF) ... 635


Mull AN, J. P. ; Occurrence of

the ' Siimy ' C oe c i I ian [Ichthyophis glutinosus, Bou- lenger) in Panchgani 723

Murphy, P. ; A Krait [Bun- garus ccsr ulcus) with divided sub-caudals 722

Obituary ;—01dfield Thomas ... 966

O'DONOVAN, Capt. M.J.W. ; Occurrence of the Whitefron- ted Goose {Anser albifrons albifrons) in the United

Provinces ... , 716

Ogilvie, G. H. ; Bison eating

Bark 706

Olivier, Col, Harry D. ;

Sense of ^ m e 1 1 in the

Lion ... .977

Phillips, W. W A., F Z. S. ; The Present State of the Game and W i ] d -L 1 f e in Ceylon. {With five plates), by G. M, Crab be 942

The Sawn-off Shot Gun— The Wa<-chman's Gun 987

Phythian-Adams. Major E G., I. A, (Retd ) F. Z.S. ; Game Preservation in the Nilghiris m 1929 947

PococK, R 1., F. R. S. ; Tigers. ( With one coloured and tiJL'elve black and white plates) . 506

; Black

Panthers--An Inquiry ... 693

Appeal to Sportsmen 733

Prater, S. H., C. M. Z. S. ; On the Occurrence of Tigers on

the Islands of Bombay and

Salsette ,..973

Distribution of the Mouse- Deer {Moschiola meminna), [With a map) 985

^ ; Note

on a Formosan Viper ( Trime- resurus viucrosqu amain s) from the North-east Frontier ... 998

Proceedings ..1400




979 '



683 I 686 i

954 957





Rai, H, S., M.Sc. ; A short Account of the Oyster Indus- try in the Island of Bombay and Salsette. ( With five plates and three iext-f igures ) Reade, L. L, , Rogue Ele- phants with malformed tusks. Reviews : -

Queer Fish

Blue Blood in Animals ... Tales from some Eastern


Mishi the Man-eater, and other tales of Big Game. Centenary History of the Zoological Society of

London ,

The Cow birds The Plant in Relation to


Ribeiro, Javme ; Bombay


RiJK, L. A. J. ; How Wild

Dogs kill their prey ... Robinson, M., B.A , (T.C.D.) ; Flowerless Plants. Part 1. ( With one coloured and two black and while plates) ... 570

' Part 11.

( With one coloured and iiic black and white plates) ... 793 Sakia, J. ; Kecor.i of Symp- toms and treatment of a bite from a Formosan Viper. ( Trimeresurus mucrosquama-

tus) ... 998

Sewell, Lt.-Col. R. B, Sey- mour, I. M. S., M. A., F. A.S.B., F. L, S., F, Z.S= ; , The History and Progress of the Zoological Survey of

India ... 922

Sherriff, Capt. G., R. a. ; Migration Notes from Kash- gar, Chinese Turkestan ... 989 Smith, Malcolm ; The Distri- bution of the Mugger ... 721 ~ ; The Sur- vival of the Gavial [Gavialis.

Page 995


gangeticus) in Burma. ( With three text-figures)

Strip, S A ; Recovery from the bite of a Phoorsa {Echis carinata)

TiwARY, N. K., M.Sc. ; A Vote on the occurrence of buds in the axils of the Coty- ledons. {With tzvo plates) ... 731

, . xhe

Discovery of Germination of Cyathodiiun spores. ( With a diagram) ... 1001

Tucker, W. A. ; Different Birds Nesting in Company ... 718

Vernay, as.; Vitality of a Panther. ( With a photo) ... 698

Waite, H. W. ; Occurrence of the Trumpeter Bullfinch {Biicanetes githagima crassi- rostris) in the Punjab Salt Range ... ... 989

Wesche-Daht, G. ; Migration of Butterflies 726

: Occurrence

of the Oak-Leaf Butterfly ( A'all ima horsf ieldi ) near Bombay ., 726

Whistler, Hugh ; The Study of Indian Birds. Part HL ( With plates, C, D, E, F) ... 776

Wick ham, P. F. ; Notes on the Birds of the Upper Burma Hills. Part I. ( With a map and three plates) 80(1

Williams, C. E. See Wil- liams, C. H.

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The Game Birds of thelndiau Empire- Plate The Pheasant- tailed Jacana {Hydrophasianus chirnrgtis) and

The Bronze-vvins:ed Jacaua ( ')/^/6'/5»/^/z//j ... ... 473

A Gvsi%?>ho^X>Qr M\m'\Q {Isopsem peduficulata) ... ... ... 498


Plate I, Tiger from the northern slopes of El burz Mountains 505

Plate A, {/I) Left side of hyoid of Tiger [Panthera) showing ligament, shortened and thickened bj; methylated spirit, joining the upper and lower bones, iE) The same of domestic cat [Felis) on larger scale,

showing continuous series of bones. \C) Nasals and summit of maxillce of Lionesses from Mulema and Barengoland, E. Africa , showing integration with those of tigers ... ... 506

Plate B. [ A) Skull of Tiger [Panthera tigris tigris) from Central Provinces, showing typical shape in the Indian race.

iB) Skull of Sumatran Tiger {Panthera tigris sumatrce) from Sungei Kumbang, showing likeness to the Lion's skull.

(C) Skull of Lioness from Mulema, Uganda, for com- parison with A, B ... ... ... 508

Plate II. Skin of a Bengal Tiger ... ... ... 514

Plate C. {A) Nasals and summit of maxillae of Tiger from Darjiling.

[ B) Posterior view of occiput of the same.

( C D.) The same bones of a Tiger from the Nepal Terai. 516 Plate D. [A) Tigress from Nepal, showing unusual reduction in the stripes.

{B) Tiger from the Caucasus, in the Berlin Gardens ... 520 Plate II L Skin of Afghan Tiger ... ... ... ... 520

Plate E, {A) Skull of Tiger [Panthera tigris septentrionalis) from

Maruchak, near Pinjdeh, on the Russo-Afghan


[B) Nasals and summit of maxillae of the same.

[C] Posterior view of occiput of the same ... ... 523

Plate IV. Skin of Manchurian Tiger ... ... ... 525

Plate F. [A) Manchurian Tiger, in the London Zoological Gar- dens, moulting his winter coat.

[B) Tiger, in the London Zoological Gardens, from the Malay Peninsula ... ... ... ... 527




Plate G. {A) Skull of Tiger {Panthera tigris styani) from North China.

{B) Nasals and summit of maxillse of the same. (C) Posterior view of the occiput of the same ... 531

Plate H, Two views of Tiger from Deli, Sumatra, in the London

Zoological Gardens ... ... ... 535

Plate i. [A) Nasals and summit of maxillse of Javan Tiger {Panthera tigris sondaica) from Probolingo. ^B) Occiput of the same, showing marked compiession . (C D) The same bones of Sumatran Tiger {Panthera

tigris sumatr<^) from DeW ... ... 538

Shells of the Tropical Seas.—

Plate L (1) Ml rex. Large.TJ/. endivia. Left, The Thorny Woodcock {M. tenuispina) right, The Woodcock's Head {M. hanstellum) .

(2) The Spindle Shells {Fuscus). Right Pyrula hnce-

phala ; left, A vespertilio.

(3) Trochus {Trochus niloticus) .

(4) The Banded Shells [Fascial aria) . Top, F. filatnentos;

right, Tudicla spirrilus \ left, perversum ... 552 Plate U. (1) Left, Olives {O. nebidosa) \ right, Mitra [ULepis- copalis and /)/. ebernus),

(2) Helmet Shells. Above, Casstus coramilaia ; below,

left, C. stilcosa ; right, C areola.

(3) Turret and Horn Shells, heit, Ttirretella duplicata\

middle Potamides sidcatus ; right, Cerithiada telescopis.

(4) Varied forms of Pteroceras ... ... 553

Plate Hi. (J) Turbines. Large one, T. marmorensus \ below

T. imperialis.

(2) Tritons. Top and left, T. constrictum \ right

below, Persona anus ; little one, R. horrida.

(3) Tun Shells {Dolimn maculatum)

(4) Wing Shells {Stroinbidcs) . Left, top, S. succinctus ;

left below, Isabella ; right, 5". leniiginosiis ... 558 Plate IV. (1) Harp Shells. Large ones, //. ventricosa ; small, H articularis.

(2) Left below, Bubble Shells ; others, Sea

Snails {Natica) .

(3) Fig Shells [Fiscus fiscoides).

(4) ^Y>'^(^Qv SheW [Pteroceras lambis) ... ... ... 559

Flowerless Plants- Plate I. Some types of Flower! ess Plants.

1. An Alga, one of the brown Seaweeds.

2. A Fungus, one of the mould fungi on a piece of


3. A Fungus Fructifications of one of the larger


4. A twig bearing four different Lichens with disc oj

cup-shaped fructifications, a, b, d.

5. A Lichen with stalked fructifications.



.6. A Liverwort with cupiiles {a) and a female

Sporophures {b). ;. Tile same Liverwort with cupules [a) and male

Sporophores {b), 8= A group of Moss plants with Sporophytes. 9. A group of Moss plants with Sporophytes at dif-^

ferent stages.

10. One Moss plant with three vSporophytes.

11. A Fern plant. The Sporophyte only showing spore

cases on the back of one frond . ... ... 570

Plate 11, Some of the Green and Red Algae,

1. Some types of unicellular Algta. veiT highK magnified.

'i. Threads of four different filamentous green Algse, showing dififerent shapes of chloroplasts in the cells, very highly magnified.

.3. A marine green Alga, natural size. Flat ribbon- like thallus with large holes.

4. A freshwater red Alga growing on a stone. Two- thirds natural size.

5 ^ Types of marine red Algai,

6. V No. 5 slightly magnified. Coral-like appearance due 7 J to deposit of calcium carbonate in thecell-walls. 573 Piate III. Some of the Brown Alga;\

1. A species of /.rtw^V/aWtz. Long ribbon-like thalhis

unbranched, reproductive bodies small nodules down the centre. Much reduced.

2. Laminaria digitata. Thallus splits into several

ribbon-like portions. Much reduced.

3. A species of Fucus. Thallus branched dichoto-

raously, bearing air bladders (a), and reproduc- tive organs on .separate branches {b). Two-thirds natural size.

4. A type showing differentiation into stem and leaf-

like structures, and .special reproductive, branches (a). Two-thirds natural size ... 574-

Indian Dragonliies-—

Plate I. Fig. 1. Hind wing of Neurobasis chinensis (Linn) ., 2. Wing of Vesialis apicalis apicalis, Selys.

3. Wing of Echo margarita tripartita, Selys.

4. Wmg Clhnacobasis T/iodesta, lu3i\d. ^ .

5. \N'mg oi Mairotta basilaris nigripectus, Selys. $. This wing has been shaded light in order to show the venation ;

actually it is dark blackish-brown, the neuration invisible unless the wing

be held up to the light ... ... ... ... ... ... 577

Plate II. Upper photograph shows a stream flowing from the lake at west end of fruit garden, Shillong, a favourite place for Ec/io margarita tripartita, Selys. Lower photograph is that of a stream at east end of valley, Shillong, where are found /J/rt/m//^?, and Rhinocyplia ignipennis and A*, spuria ... ... 586




Birds breeding round Quetta, some notes on—

Plate I. (A) A spring in the Tnckatoo Range 9,000 ft.

(B) Lora River, looking down stream ... ... ... 598

Plate II. (A) Nest aud eggs of Hume's Crested Lark cridata magna), (B) Nest of the Himalayan Golden Eagle (Aguila chrysaeius daphatice) in a Juniper tree on a cliff face, Tuckatoo Range ... ... ... ... 599

Gold Fish {Carassms auratus) early stages in the development of— = Plate I. Fig. 1. Egg just laid. Fig. 9 newly hatched embryo. Plate IL Fig. 10. First day after hutching. Fig, 15 Fully

developed ... ... ... ... ... 615

Conspicuous Flowering Trees of India- Plate I (coloured). Indian Coral Tree (^ryMn«« /«fl'/rt^. Lam) ... 624 Plate I (black and white). (A) The Coral Tree (£'r;/Mr/«a zV/flfzV'a)

in flower.

(B) The prickle-covered stem of the Silk Cotton Tree {Bombax malabaficum) .. .,, 629

Plate II (coloured). Silk Cotton Tree {Bomdax imladaricujfi) ... 632 Plate II (black and white). (A) The Silk Cotton Tree {Bombax

malabariciim) in flower, (B) Flowers of the Silk Cotton Tree

( Bombax malabaricum) . . . 633

A Reed-Bed in the Dal Lake, Kashmir- Plate I. Little Bitterns A) ' Waiting for the male; to remove

his presence, which he did without noise or hurry.' (B) 'He assumed what 1 came to call

the ' on guard ' ... ... 656

Plate 11. Reed warblers :— (A) ' One of the female as she slipped on

to the nest.' (B) ' i^eeding the only two young ones which condescended to remain in the nest ' ... ... ... 657

Plate Hi. (A) Little Bittern. * The remaining ones were discovered clambering about the reeds,' (B) Reed warbler, 'She exposed them to his wondering

gaze' ... ... ... ... 658

Plate IV. Little Bitterns.— (A) ' Supported herself on the nest in the

same attitude as the male (B) ' Shielding the young one?, two of which, were having a heated alter- cation ' ... .. ... 659

Plate V. Little Bittern. ' An exhibition of the amazing lengths to

which she was able to extend her neck ' 660 Plate VI. Little Bittern,—* Perturbed at the presence of the Reed- warblers ' ... ... ... 661

Cotyledons, A note on the occurrence of buds in the axis of the,— Plate 1. Axillary buds in Cotyledons ... ... ... 732

Plate II. Axillary buds in Cotyledons ... ... ... 733



No. 4


The Game Birds of the Indian Empire- Plate. {jvqqX '$>\.oviQ'V\Q\Qi {Esacus recurvirostris) ... ... 745

The Study of Indian Birds- Plates C. D. E. F. Beaks of Birds. ... ... 776, 780, 783, 786

Flowt'dess Plants Plate I. Some types of Agarics or Gill-bearing Fungi ... ... 793

Plate II. Y^QNQXo'pmQXit oi^'^oTQ'&\Vi Ascomyceies 2iXi^Basidiomycetes. 795 Plate III. Some types of Gasteromycetes ... ... ... 796

Plate IV. Development of Sporophore of an Agaric, and sections

showing method of insertion of gills ... ... 797

Plate V. '^omQ ty^Q^ Hyynenomycetes ... ... ... 798

Plate VI. ^om^ Qommoxi Poly poi es ... ... ... 799

Birds of the Upper Burma Hills- Sketch map of Burma ... ... ... 801

Plate 1. (1) The Taunggyi crags, 5,600 feet, Southern Shan

States... ... ... ... ... 804

(2) Shan States ... ... ... .. 804

(3) Kachin Hills ... ... ... ... 804

Plate II. (1) Mid-East Shan Hills. Valley 3,000 feet ... 810

(2) Typical country, Northern Shan States, Elevation

over 6,000 feet ... ... ... ... 810

(3) Typical country, Southern Shan States, Mongyai

Valley, 3,000 feet. Hills, round rising up to 8,000

feet ... ... ... ... ... 810

Plate III. (1) Irrawaddy at its second defile just below Bhamo Hills occupied by Kachins.

(2) The Bhamo Plain. R. Irrawaddy Valley as viewed

from Kachin Hills, 3,000 feet.

(3) Kachin Hills, 5,000 feet. Typical view. ... ... 824

Shells of the Tropical Seas- Plate I. (1) Left above, Cockle [CardiadoB) ; Right, Wedge

Shell (Z>. scrotum) ... ... ... 830

(2) The Spotted Bear's Paw ... ... 830

(3) Left, Window Oyster {Ptacuna placenta) ; Right

and above, Pearl Oyster {Margaritifera) ... 830

(4) The Giant Clam (7V/^/«^:«a) ... ... ... 830

Plate II. f 1) Venus Shells. Large one on right, Chione Pinguis ;

Large one on left, C. radiata : small ones, Merbe, 831

(2) Left, The Sunset ShelUP5a;«mc;^/a) Right, The,

Razor Shell {Solenidcs) ... ... ... 831

(3) Cytherea ... ... ... ... ... 831

(4) Angel's Wings {Pholas) buried in stone ... 831 Indian Dragonflies—

Plate I. Wing of Coenagrionid showing the notation used in the

text ... ... ... .,. ... 835

Plate II. Anal appendages, figs. 1-4; Megalestes spp., and 5-12

Lestes sp^. ... ... ... ,.,846

Poinciana regia. Coloured Plate ... ... ... 851

Plate fig. 1 In flower ... .. ... ... 852

M 2 In fruit .„ ... 852



Butea frondosa . Colo u red Plate ... ... ... ... 853

Plate IV. fi£r. 1. A flowering branch ... ... 854

,, 2. General appearance ... ... 854

Elephant. Plate ag. 1. Major Gillespie's Tusker ,.. ... ... 861

2. Major Gillespie, R. A.M. C, and his record tusks 861

i>/c7«<:>/!>/?/^^//5-, cluster of, round a stem ... ... ... ... 881

6>j/m? ^r>/;^>^f7/fl't'.s Plate Shell and anatomy ... ... ... 896

Oyster field at Mahim ... ... .■• 896

Ostreacucullaia. Plate 1. Oyster rock at Mahim ... ... ... 898

2. 898

Oyster Industry, Bombay- Plate I. Osfrea gryphoides ... ... ... ... 896

Plate II. (1) Oyster rock at Mahim at half tide (6>. <://^«//^^/^^) ... 8f'8

(2) Exposed Oyster field at Mahim at low tide ... 898

Plate III. (1) Taking out Oysters at Mahim Creek ... ... 899

(2) Spat collectors. Qlxisier oi O cticuUata.,. ... 899

Plate IV. (1) Sucked Oysters ... ... ... 899

(2) Oysters ready for market ... ... ... 899

Plate V. {\) Osireasp, & O, cucullata ... , ... ••• 899 (2) Map showing the distribution of Oysters along the

coast ... ... ... ... ... 899

Ceylon, The present state of the game and wild hfe in—

Plate T. (1) Ceylon Jackals {Cann lankd) drinking at a water- hole ... ... ... ... ... 942

(2) A sounder of Pig and a Great White Egret ... 942

Plate II. (1) Wild Buffaloes in the Menik Ganga ... ... 943

(2) Wild Buffalo {Buba/is bubolis bubalis) at a water- hole ... ... ... ... ... 943

Plate III. (1) Wild Buffalo and Ceylon Spotted Deer on the Menik

Ganga ... ... ... ... 944

(2) Ceylon Spotted Deer {Axis axis cevlonensis) and

Peacock at a jungle water-hole ... ... 944

Plate IV. (1) Wild Elephants {Elaphas maximus zeylanicus) on

the Menik Ganga ... ... ... 945

(2) A Crocodile basking ... ... ... 945

Plate V. (1) Yoimg Grey Heron ... ... ... 946

(2) Young Pelicans ... ... ... 946


VOLUME XXXIII Nos. 3 and 4


Acononyx jubatus. Photo of cub. 701

Algcs (Brown), PI 574

(Green and Red) PI. ... 573

Aquila chrysaetiis daphancs, nesl

of , 599

Bibos gaurus. Photo , 981

Bittern, Nest of, PI. 1, figs. 1& 2. 65 j

Young, am.ongst reeds,

PI. Ill, fig. 1 ... ' 658

Hen on the nest, PI. IV,

fig. 1 659

On nest, with extended

neck, PI. V 660

On nest, perturbed by

presence of Reed- war biers ... 661 Bombax malabaricum prickle- covered stem of, PI. fig. 2 ... 629

of, Col. PI 632

flower, PI. fig. 1 633

of, PL fig. 2 633

fig. 3 ... 633

^ . ^ Stigma,

fig. 4 ... ... ... 633

, . Fruit,

fig. 5 ... 634

Burmah Hills, Birds of the

Upper, Map of Burma, PL... 801

1. Views of Scenery, PL 801

2. PL 810

3. PL 824 Butea frondosa, Col. PL ... 853 PL IV. (1) A

Flowering Branch 854

____ =™__(2) General Appear- ance 854


Caliphaea contusa, Anal append- age, fig. C 581

vvings of ^ fig. 2. 596

Carassius auratus, Stages in the

Development of, P!s. 614, 615

Cassia tora^ Axillary Buds in

Cotyledons, Ms I.