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Washington, September 6, 1879,



Art. XVII.— Second Iii^nfaliiioiit of Aiiicrican Oriii- lliolo^'icnl Biblio^rnphy.

By Dr. Elliott Cones, ir. S. A.

Part First of the "Birds of the Colorado Valley ", etc., contains a I>iblio;nraplii(.'al A]>i)t'udix (pp. 5G7-784, or [1]-[218]), ■\vhieh consists of a "List of Faunal I*ublieations rehiting" to Xortli American Orni- tJiology", being the first instalment of a Universal Bibliography of Ornithology npon which the anthor of that "vvoi'k is still engaged.

The present article may be considered to continue the subject, as it gives the titles of " Faunal Publications" relating to the Ornithology of tlie rest of America.

Tlie former i^iece of Mork has been received with great favor by ornithologists, whose kind expressions of interest assure him that liis bil)liographical material is Avelcome.

This further instabnent of tlie work is constructed npon the same l)rinciples as tlie other, and with the same great pains to secure good results. Though of course much less extensive, containing only about 700 titles, it is scarcely less complete, and no less accurate, than the Xorth ^Vraerican portion. The compiler takes this occasion to renew the request that those who are interested in the matter will iioint out defects which may be detected in any portion of the work now printed.

To those who may not be informed of the general plan of the whole Bibliography, he may explain that it is modelled after the " Zoological Record", and that the titles given in this second instalment are only those which an editor of the " Record " would have brought under the head of " Neotropical Region " all general and miscellaneous works, and all those upon x>articular species, genera, or families of birds, being excluded.

1648. Marcgrave, G. Histori.a Natvralis | Brasiliae, | Aiispicio et Beneficio | lllns- triss. I. Mavritii Com. Nassav | illivs Proviiiojje et Maris snmini Praefecti Adornata | In (inn, \ Non tantum Plautje et Animalia, sed et In- | digenarnm luorbi, iugenia et mores describnntnr et | Iconibns supra quiugentas illus- trantur. | Lvgdvn. Batavorvni, | Apud Frauciscimi Hackium, et | Amstelo- dami, | Apud Lnd. Elzevirium. IMS. \ [Or,]

Guliolmi Pisouis, M. D. | Lngdimo-Batavi, | Do | Modicina Brasiliensi | Libri Qvatvor: | I. De Aere, Aquis, & Locis. | II. De Morbis Endoniiis. | III. De Venonatis & Aiitidotis. | IV. De Facultatibns Simplicium. | Et j GeorgI Marojravl de Liebs'^ad, | Mlsnici Germani, | Histori.-B Rervm Na-


1<)48. Maucgkavk, G. Contiimod.

tvralivm | Brasilia', | Libri Octo : | Qiionmi | Tres prioies aguut de Plaiitis. | Qnartus dc Piscibus. | Quintus de Avibus. | Sextus de Quadrupedibus & Ser- peutibus. I Septiums de Insectis. | Octavus de ipsa Kegioue, &. illiua lucolis. | Cvm I Appeudice de Tapiiyis, et Chileiisibvs. | loannes De Laet, | Autwer- pianiis, I lu ordinem digessit & Anuotatioues addidit, & A^aria ab Auctore | Omissa sup]»levit & illustravit. |

Above titles covering Ijotli Piso and Maregrave ; latter also separately sub- titled in nearly identical words, omitting the Piso part of the title. 1 vol. folio. Engraved title to both, 1 1. ; i)lain title to both, 1 1. ; Piso to Prince AVilliam, 2 11. ; Piso to the reader, 1 1. ; Piso's contents, 1 1. ; Piso's text, pp. 1-122; Piso's index, 1 1. Marcgrave's subtitle, 1 1. ; Marcgrave's dedication, 1 1. ; De Laet to the reader, 1 1. ; Marcgrave's contents and errata, 1 1. ; Marc- grave's text, pp. 1-292 ; Appendix, p. 293; Index, | + 3 11. Unnumbered cuts in text of both authors.

The fifth book of Marcgi-avc's part of this work treats of birds in fifteen cbapters, as fol- lows :

G*orgi JJarcgravi HistoriiE Xaturalis Brasiliit Liber Quintus, Qui agit de Avibns, in Quo sunt Icones quatuor supra quinquaginta, et Annotationes octo, pp. 190-220, Cap, I,-XV, I, p. 190, Xhanduguacu, lacana (tig,), varise ejus species, Curicaca (fig,). II, p. 192, Tijepiranga. (tig.), lacapu, lambu, Galliua africana (fig,), Guirangeima, lupujulja (fig,), Sayacu, Ani (fig,), Guira guainumbi (fig,). Ill, p, 19-1, Jaguacati (fig,), Mitu (fig.), Mituporanga (fig,), Tlfijau (2 figg.). IV, p, 196, Guainumbi variiB .species (fig,), V, p. 198, lacupema (fig,), lacamacaij (fig,), lacurutu (fig,), Soco (fig,), Matuitui (fig,). VI, p, 200, labiru (fig,), labiru guacu (fig,), ilanucodiata. VII, p, 201, Guirapunga utraque (2 figg,), Guiraquerea (fig,), Jacamaciri (fig.), Cariama (fig.) VIII, p. 203, Guara (fig.), Urutaurana (fig.), Maguari, Guarauna (fig.), Ajaia, Picui pinima. Pica cureba, Tuidara, Guacuguacu, Tapera. IX, p. 205, Psittacoruni niajoiauu &. niinorum varife species. Tui vulgo Perroquet. Araracanga (fig.), etc. X, p. 207, Ipeeu (fig.), Urubu (fig.). Taniatia utraque (2 figg.), Guirajemoja (tig.), GuiTani nheengeta (fig.). XI, p. 209, Cocoi Ardeae sjiecies (fig.); alia .species, Guiratinga, Ardeola (fig.), lacarini, Guiratii'ica, Guiranheengatu. XII, p. 211, Cunicui (fig.), Caracara (fig.), Tijeguacu (fig.), Teitei, Guiragiracu beraba (fig.), Guiracoereba. Guiraperea, lapacani, Caiiure, Andira aca. XIII, p. 213, Macucagua (fig.), Colunibie silvestris species. Anas sylvestris, Urubitinga (fig.), Mareca utraque, Tiieguacu paroara (fig.), Tangara utraque (fig.). XIV, p. 215, Anhima (fig.), Pitangua guacu (fig.), Atingaca camucu (fig.), Guira acangatara (fig.). XT, Matuitui (fig.), Aracari, Tucana, Anliinga (fig.), Ipecati apoa (fig.), Pullus gallinaceus moustrosus (quadrupes, fig.).

The figures are monstrous, reminding us of those of Gesnor, for example, though many of the marked species are recognizable. The text, however, is minutely descriptive, and most of the species are identifiable.

This is a celebrated work, standing in much the same ornithological relation to South America that its virtual contemporary, Hernandez's, bears to Mexico. "We have here the first description and primary basis of many species. Linnaius and other early species-makers cite Marcgrave freely, and he remains, in fact, quotable to-day. The reader will not fail to note that he has here the vernacular derivation of many names with which he is familiar in their quasi-Latin and even English rehabilitation, but the etymology of which would not necessarily be obvious to a classici.st. Compare witli tlie above the following, for example: Kandou, Pyranga, Guira, Guiraca, Ani, Mitu, Mituporanya, Jacamar, Kacurutu, Jahiru, Cariama, Ajaja,, Coercba, Maguari, Guarauna, Tapera, Aracanga, Ararauna, Vrubu, Kcngcta, Cocoi, Carasara, Urubitinga, Tangara, Tanagra, Pitangua, Aracari, Tucana, Toucan, etc.

For an elaborate commentary on this work, see 1820 and 1824, Lichtensteix, H.

1658. EocHEFORT, C. BE. Histoire | naturelle et morale | des | lies antilles | de I'Amerique. | Enrichie de jjlusieurs belles figures des Earetez les plus | con- siderables qui y sout ddcrites. | Avec vn Vocabulaire Caraibe. | [Dessin.] | A Eoterdani, | Chez Amould Leer.s, | | M. DC. LVIII. 1 vol. Svo or sm. 4to. Eug. title, 8 jirel. pji. incl. regular title, pp. 1-527, 6 11. (contents).

Chapitre Quinzieme, pp. 147-167, a fig. on p. 152, and a page of figs, on p. 166, " Des oiseaus les plus considerables des Antilles ", des Fregates, des Fauves. des Aigrettes, etc., du Grand Gosier, des Poules d'eau, des Flammans {^= Platalea), de I'Hirondelle, de plusieurs Oiseaux de terre. des Arras, des f'anidcs. des Perroijuets, des Peniques du tremble, du Pas- sercau, de I'Aigle de I'Orinoco. du Mansieny, du Colibrj-. This is the orig. ed.


1666. KociiEi'Oar, C. Die. The History of the Carihlty-I^himln, vi/. IJaibades, f'"^*^-]

In two Books. The First containing tlie Natural the .Second the Moral His- tory', of these islands. Illustrated, [etc.] Rendered into English l>y John Davis of Kidwelly. London. IGCtG. 4to. pp. 3:'/G, 4 pll. Not seen : title from Sabiii's Jiibl. Amer. Ori;i. ed. 1658, q. v.

1667. [Stubbks, Dk. . ] Observations Made by a Curious and Lcarju-d Person, sail-

ing from England, to the Caribe-Islands. <^PhUijx. Traiin., ii, KJliT, \>\>. 4y3-5U(J.

1667. Wariucx, G. Impartial Deserijition of Surinam, . . . with a History of

several strange Beasts, Birds, etc. 1667. Not seen. [Sec boyontl, Addenda, 1745.]

1668. Stubbes, Dr. . An Enlargement of the Observations, formerly publisht,

Numb. 27, made and generously imparted by that Learn'd and Inquisitive rhysitian. Dr. Stubbes. < Philos. Trans., iii, 166^?, pp. 6U'J-7(l'j. Allusionti to a few birds.

1681. [RociiEFOUT, C. DK.] Histoiio | Naturelle et Morale | des | lies Antilles |

de l'Ameri(iue, | Emichie d'un grand uombre de belles Figures en taille douce, qui I represeuteut au uaturelles Places, &. les Raretez les plus | considerables qui y sont ddcrites. | Avec un Vocabulairo Caraibe. | Derniere Edition. | ReveuiJ & augmentde iiarl'Autlieurd'un Recit de I'Estat present des | celebres Colonics do la Virginie, de Marie-Laud, de l.i, Caroline, du | nouveau Duch6 d'York, do Peun-Sylvania, & de la nouvelle An- | gleterre, situdes dans l'Ameri(iue septentrionale, & qui rele- | vent de la. Courounc du Roy de la grand' Bretagne. | Tii-6 iidelcment des memoires des habitans des mfimes Co- lonics, I en faveur de ecus, qui atu'oyent le dessein de s'y | transporter pour s'y dtablir. [Par C<5sar de Rochcfort.] | [Vignette.] | A Rotterdam, | Chez Rei- iiier Leers, | | M. DC. LXXXI. 1 vol. Sm. 4to. Eng. title, plain title, both backed blank, and 16 more unpaged 11., pp. 1-583, and 13 unpaged pp. ; then follow pp. 1-43, with a separate title, backed blank ; many plates and other illusti-ations.

Orig. ed. 1G58, q. v. Chap. XV, pp. 1C3-182, "Des oiso&us lea p'jus couHiderablcs des Antil- les"; cut on p. lt)8, and page fidl of cuts p. 182.

1682. NiBCiiOF, J. Joan Nieuhofs Gedeukwaerdige Zee en Lantreizc door de Voor-

uacmsto Landschapiien van West en Oostindien. Amsterdam. 1682. Folio. Not seen. " The second part, beginning at p. 29, contain,.* a cut representing several bird.s and a bat, with text descriptive of these and nnmerons other Brazilian birds. The figures are very good, much better than Marcgrave's; the names are vernacular." J. A. Allex, incpist. [See beyond, Addenda.]

1703. Oliver, "W. A Letter from Dr. William Oliver to the Publisher, giving his Remarks in a late Journey into Denmark and Ibdland. <^Philos. Trans., xxiii, 1703, pp. 1400-1410.

Contains an account of a curious bird seen m Ain.sterdam from "Carthagena in America", described as "Vultiu- Americauus minor Carthagenije Corjjore elegauti &. plum is admodum Concinne variegatis ".

1707-25. Sloaxe, H. A | Voyage | To the Islands | Madera, Barbados, Nieves, S. Christojdiers | and | Jamaica, | wilhthc | Natural Hi.story | of the | Herbs and Trees, Four-footed Beasts, Fi.shes, | Birds, Insects, Reptiles, &c. | Of the last of those Islands ; | To which is prefix'd An | Introduction, | Wherein is au Account of the | luhabitauts. Air, Waters, Diseases, Trade, &c | of that Place, with some Relations concerning the Neigh- | bouring Continent, and Islands of America. | | Illustrated with | The Figures of the Things describ'd, | which have not been heretofore engraved ; | In large Copper-Plates as big as the Life. | | By Hans Sloane, M. D. | Fellow of the College of Physicians and Secretary | of the Royal-Society. | | In Two Voliunes. Vol.1 [H]. | | Many shall run to aiul fro, and Knowledge .shall be increased. Dan. xii. 4. I I Loudon: | Printed by B. IL for the Author, 1707 [1725]. 2 vols. Folio.


1707-25. Sloank, H.— Continued.

Vol. I, 1707, 8 p. 11., pp. i-cliv, 1-2G4, pll. i-iv (i being a map), 1-1.5G. Vol. II, 17J5, 2 ]). 11. (title antl dedication), pp. i-xviii, 1-4U9, pll. v-xi, 157-274.

ThtTf are some liter.il (liscrcpiincles in the titles of the two vols. : in the second the author isppears as "Sir llaus Sloane, Bar'.", and the last line is simply " Printed for the author. 1725."— Vol. II, Book VI, Part II, pp. 293-325, "Of the Birds of .Jamaica ■■, pll. 2.i4-2(2.— Chap. I, Of Land Birds, 54 spp. Chap. II, Of Birds which Wade, or Frequent Watery Places, 17 spp. Chap. Ill, Of Water-Fowl, or such as are web-footed and Swim, 11 spp.; in all, 82 spp. The plates are ^•ery coarse and poor; some of them are as ludicrous as anything in Gesner, for example. The oruithulogy of this work has no intrinsic value, but derives some importance from the fact that here are the original descriptions of various birds upon which Linnican species rest whoUy or in part. Sloane's pages and plates were constantly cited by waiters of the centurj-, as Catesby, Edwards, Brisson, Linna;us, etc., and are sometimes refeiTed to still.

1724. Labat, . Nonveau Voyage anx lies de I'AnK^rique. 1724.

Xot seen: said to contain natural history illustrations. [.See Adtif.nda, beyond.] 1729. Wafer, L. A New | Voyage | and | Description | of the | Lstlimn.s of America. | Giving an Account of the | Author's Abode there, | The Form and M.ake of the Country, the Coasts, | Hills, Rivers, &e. Woods, Soil, AVeather, &c. Trees, | Fruit, Beasts, Birds, Fish, &c. \ The Indian Inhabitants, their Features, Complexion, | &c. their Manners, Customs, Employments, | Mar- riages, Feasts, Hunting, Computation, | Language, &c. | With Remarkable Occurrences in the South-Sea and | elsewhere. | | By Lionel AVafer. | | The Third Edition. | | To which are added, | The Natural History of those Parts, I By a Fellow of the Royal Society : | and | Davis's Exjtedition to the Gold Mines, in 1702. | Illustrated with several Copper-Plates. | | London, j Printed for James and John Kuaiiton, at the | Crown in St. Paul's Church- Yard. M DCC XXIX.

Contained in vol. Ill of the series called "A Collection of Voyages", etc., 4 vols., London, 1729, being pp. 263^63 + 9, maps, plates.

"The Birds, and Flying Insects", pp. 334-339, consists of an account of sundry species by the author.

"An Additional Account of several Beasts, Birds, Fishes, EeptUes, &c, . . . Communicated by a Member of the Koyal Society ", Chap. II. Of 1 he Birds, pp. 402-410. A formal account of no fewer than 118 spp., very curtly described ruider English names applied wholly at random.

1749. CoxDAMiNE, C. M. DE LA. Relation abr^g^e d'un Voyage fait dans I'intdrieur

de I'Amdrique m^ridionale, depuis la Cote de la Mer du Sud, jusques^ux Cotes du Br(5sil & de la Guiane, en descendant la riviere des Amazones. <^Mt'm. de VAcad. Boy. des Sci. pour Vanne'e 1745, 1749, pp. 391-492, pll. viii, ix. Ifotes SUP les oiseaux, pp. 471-474.

1750. HCGHES, G. The | Natural History | of | Barbados. | | In Ten Books.

I I By the Reverend | Mr. Griffith Hughes, A. M. | Rector of St. Lucy's Pari.sh, in the said Island, and F. R. S. | | [Vignette.] | | London: I Printed for the Author; | And sold by most Booksellers in Great Britain and Ireland. MDCCL. 1vol. Folio. 6 p. 11. (title, dedication, subscribers, etc.), pp. i-viii (preface, errata), 1-314, + 11 11. (explanatory notes, index, addenda), pll. 1-29, folded map, and head- and tail-pieces.

Book m, pp. 69-79, Of Birds. A few species are very lightly treated, though it is stated that "An Inspection into the Structure, Nature and Qualities of every Species will convince us, that every Individual is stamped with Marks of infinite Wisdom ".

1756. Browxe, Patrick. The | Civil and Natural | History | of | Jamaica. | In Three Parts. I Containing, | I. An accurate Description of that Island, its Situation and Soil ; | with a brief Account of its former and present State, Government, | Revenues, Produce, and Trade. | II. A History of the natmal Productions, including the various Sorts | of native Fossils; perfect and imi)erfect Vege- tables: Quadrupedes, | Birds, Fishes, Reptiles and In.sects; with their Prop- erties and Uses | in Mechanics, Diet, and Physic. | III. An Account of the Nature of Climates in General, and their | diftereut Effects upon the human Body: with a Detail of the | Diseases arising from this Source, particularly within the Tropics. | In Three Dis.sertations. | The Whole illustrated with


1750. BnowxE, rATincK. Coiitiinifd.

Fifty CopiHT-l'latcs: | lu wliicli tlio most curious rrotlnctions are represeuted of the iiatuiiil Size, and | dcliiu'ati-d iuimediatcly from the Objects. | | By I'atiick Browne, M. D. | | Lonilon: | I'riiited for the Author; and 8ohl by T. Osborne, andJ. Shipton, I in Gray 's-Iun. MDCCLVL 1vol. Folio. 4 p. II. (two titles, dedication, and list of subscribers), pp. v-viii (preface), 1-503, + 1 1., pi. i, map, pll. 1-4'J.

Cliaj). IV, Of Itiril.s, iip. 400-483, uoiic- of the jdatcH. 5 I. Of the smaller fnigivoroiis and firanivorous birds with short and pointed (•oni<- bills, etc. : Jlinindo 4, Loxin 1, Frinyilla .'>, Mo- tacilla 1. § i. Of the suiidler frriiiiivoroiis awl venuivorous bird.s with couic and moderately Blender lenirthened bills, etc. : Coluiitha 10, Teta \, Tunli's 2. ^ .'(. Of birds of the lnr<:er tfranivorou.-t tril»e with thick, eonif,-aud moderately arehed bills, iiroi>ortioned limbs, and divided claws; I'avo 1, Cniz 1, Meleayrig 1. Gallus 4, letrao 1. '; 4. Of birds that have strong crooked bills and open claws, whose digits are geueniUy furnished with strong arched n.iils: Fulco 3, Viiltur 1, Pgittactis 11, iftrix 2. § 5. Of birds that have large straight bills, of a length nearly cqnal to the middle digit.s, and moderately flatted above: Corcits I, Crotopha- ()t(8 1, 1'icua 1, Barlbtus 1. 5 ^- Of birds that have long slender bills that arch .ind taper very moderately to the top : Folyiinvs 4, Todu* 1, Oriolus 1, Cuculus 1, Merops 1, Xanthornus 2. § 7. Of birds whose bills are <Tf a length with or longer than the middle (ligits, having long legs, partly naked thighs, and divided claws, and living chiefly in watery places, though they do not swim : Trintja 2, Xurnenius 1, Ardea 7. § 8. Of water-fowls, or birds th-it pass a con- sideiable part of their time upon tlie water: Fulica 4, Colijmbus 1, Fhcenicopterus 1, Fcle- canugl, Ciiiinus'l. AiiasG, AiuvthctiwJ., Larus i, Sterna 'i, Akyon2. Under .such classiflca- tion the number of species indicated by the ligures given are treated, with numbered generic, but no specific names, with Latin diagnoses, some little synonymy, both Latin and vernacular, and miscellaneous observation.s. It was a considerable ornithological treatise in its time, freely cited by Brisson. Liunieus, Edwards, and others ; and some of these descriptions, like Sloane's, are the bases of species. This is the orig. ed. ; there is another, 1789.

17G9. [B.VNCROFT, E.] An | Essay | on the | Natural Hi.story | of | Guiana, | In .South. America. | Containing | A Description of many Curious I*roditctions | in the Animal and Vegitable Systems | of that Country. | Together \vitli an Account of I The Religion, Manners, and Customs | of several Tribes of its Indian In- habitants. I Insterspersed with | A Variety of Literary and Medical Observa- tions. I In Several Letters | from | A Gentleman of the Medical Faculty [E. Bancroft], | During his Residence in that Country. | | Adrespulcherrimas^ ex tenebris ad lucem erutas alieno | labore deducimur. | Seneca, De brevitate Aita?, cap. xiv. | | London, | Printed for T. Eecket and P. A. De Houdt | in the Strand. MDCCLXIX. 1vol. IGmo. Frontisp. (2-headed snake), '2 p. 11. (title and dedication), pp. i-iv, 1-402, -f- 3 11. (contents and advts.).

This anon^-mous work, by Dr. E. B.incroft. contains, pp. l.">2-18.5, "the Description of Birds inh.ibiting the aerial regions of Guiana, which, for the variety, vivacity and lustre of colour.* that adorn their plumage, are no where excelled". There is a German vtfsion of same date.

1769. B.\XCR0FT, E. Naturgeschichte | von | Guiana | in | Siid-Amerika. | Avorinn | von der natiirlichen Be.schatienheit nnd den A'or- | nehmsten Xaturinoducten des Laudes, ingleichen der Re- | ligion, .Sitten nnd Gebriiuchen verschiedener Stiimme | der wildeu Landes-Einwohner, Nachricht | ertheilet wird. | | In vier Briefen. | You | Ednard Bancroft, Es((. | | Aus dem Englischen. | | [Quotation from Seneca.] | | Frankfurt nnd Leipzig, | bey J. Dod.sley nnd Compagnie, 1769. 1 vol. 16mo. Fronti.spieee (2-headed snake), pj). i-x, 1 1., l)p. 1-248, 1 1.

"Viigel, pj). 01-112. In dieser Ausgabe. die Art en die boreits in den Schriften des Herm Linne, oder von andera .Scliriftstelleni beschrieben worden sinil, sind mit den uuter den Text gesetzten linuaischcu Triviahiamen. oder Beuennung anderer Schriftsteller kennbarer gemacht woi-den. Vergl. die Originalausgabe. 1709.

1775. SoNMXi in-: Maxonxuir, C. N. S. Observation sur les Cocis et Ponies de I'Ameririue meridionale. <lJoHrn. de Physique, vi, 1775, pp. 128, 129.

Xot .seen : title from Cams and EngelniaTin. The article doubtless refers to Cracidce or TiiKonida'. 1775. Soxxixi DF. MaxuxcoUR, C. X. S. Observation sur les Mareils on f'aisaus de la Guia,ua. <CJoitni. de I'lnjfiique, v, 1775, pp. 345-350. Xot seen: title fi-om Cams and Engelmann. Tinamidte? C'racidoef.


177fi. Axon. [Molina, G. L] Compendio della Storia geografica, iioturale e civile del regno del Chili. Bidogna. 1776. 8vo. 10 pll.

Xot seen. Gk'bcl, doubtk-ss from Engelmaim, gives such an etlitiou as of ''Molina"; but the first recognized edition is of 1782, q. v. See also Molina at 18U8 and 1810. I do not know what this is, or what it may contain. Some clue to it may be given in the preface of the English version of 1808, where the Americin translator says: " Through the politeness of a gentleman of his acquaintance, the translator has also been furnished with an anonymous compendium of the history of ChUi, printed in Bologna in 1776, from which the supplementary notes to this volume are taken."

In respect to this anonymous compend, here is what Molina himself says in his preface to the original edition of the "Saggio", 1782 it is tacit admission of its authorshiji ''Lestorie, o piuttosto le relazioni stampate, oltre ai quatti-o Poemi, che corono impress! suUa guerra Arancana, . . . ed un Compendio anonimc, che si pubblicb in lingua JUiUa)ui7iell'4~6., il quale in certo modo da una notizia piii compiuta di-1 Chili di (juella, che danuo le altre opere stampate, particolameute intomo alia Gcografia, e alia storia Xatitrale. !Xulladimeno come questo Compendio h anche troppo ristretto, cosi io ho creduto di fare uii aervigio non inutile agli araatori delle cose Americane, presentando loro un ragguaglio piii disteso e piii circo- stanziato de' prodotti, e de' successi piii notabili dollo stesso Paese."

1776. Clayton, "W. An Account of the Falkland Islands. <^PhiJo8. Trans., Isvi, pt. i, 1776, pp. 99-108. Considerable iccount of Penguins, Geese, .Tnd other birds, pp. 103-105.

1782. MoLiXA, G. I. Saggio | snlla Storia Naturale | del | Chili | del Signer Abate | Giovanni Ignazio | Molina. | [Vignette.] | In Bologna MDCCLXXXII. | | Nella Stamj)eria di S. Tommaso d'Aqniuo. | Con liceuza de' Sui^eriori. 1 vol. 16mo (sigs. A 1, 11.; A 2, 1 1. ; A 3, 1 1. ; A 4, 5 U.). pp. 368, map opp. p. 17. ^Lihro IV. Vermi, Insetti, EettUi, Pesci, Uccelli, o Quadruxiedi del Chili, pp. 196-367. This is the editio princcps of the celebrated work. There are numerous later editions in

* various language.-?, which see below : German, Leipzig, 1786 ; Spanish, Madrid, 1788 ; French.

Paris, 1789; American, Middletown, Conn., 1808; English, London, 1809; Italian again, Bo- logna, 1810. See especially 1808 and 1810. Consult also 1776, Axon. See Trans. Linn. Sac. vii, p. 225 ; Oken's Jsis, ix, 1833, p. 824 : jRev. Zoologique, 1840, p. 147. See also Philippi's Co- mentario. Anal. Univ. Chile, xxis, 1867, pp. 788-795.

Molina is famous in the ann.ils of South American ornithology. Being a binomenclator after the most approved fashion of the time, he is citable as authority for species, and most of those he describes are new, antedating Gmelin (1788) and Latham (Ind. Orn., 1790). The ornithological matter consists, first, of a general treatise on the birds of ChUi, pp. 232-268; second, of a synopsis, pp. 343-345, in which the species receive formal Latiu diagnoses in the Linneean manner (Catalogo delle nuove specie descritte in questo S.aggio ordinate secondo il Sistema Linneano). The general text of the former is accompanied also by Latin diagnoses of the species treated in footnotes. As this edition is not very generally accessible, I give the names of the species treated, with the x)ages on which each occurs. All are new except- ing the three marked "Linn."

Anns regia, pp. 234,344; A.coscoroba, pp. 234, 344; A. inclancoripha, pp. 234, 344; Ardea erytrocephala, pp. 235, 344 : A. galatea, pp. 2^5, 344 ; A. cyanocephala, pp. 23.'), 344 ; A. thida, pp. 235, 344; Columba mela7ioptera, pp. 236,345; Pic«s Zij??iamw. pp. 236, 343 ; P. pifuts, pp. 236, 343; Diomedea chilensis, pp. 238-344; D. chiloensis. pp. 239, 344; Pelecamis thagus, ])p. 240. 344; Anas hybrida, pp. 241, 344; Phtenicopterus chilensis, pp. 242, 344; Tantalum pillus, pp. 243,344; Trochilns minimns ("Linu."),p. 246; T. cyanocephalus, pp. 247, 343; T.galeritus, pp. 247,343; Fringilla 6or6flfn, pp. 247, 345; P. dwca, pp. 249, 345; Tiirdx(S thilius, m^.. 250, 3i5; T. thenca, pp. 250, 345; Turdus curceiis, pp. 252, 345; Sturnus loyca, pp. 2.54, 345; Phytotoma (gen. nov.) rara. pp. 254, 345 ; Psittacii^ cyanalysios, pp. 256, 343 ; P. chorceus, pp. 257, 843 ; P. jaguilma, pp.257, 343: Parra chilensis, pp. 2-58, 344; Otis chilensis, pp. 250, 344; Struthio rca (Linn.), i>. 261; Strix cuniciilana. pp. '263, 343; Falco tharus, pp. 264, 343; Tidcur [sic] jota, p. 265, 343; Tultur gryphus (Linn.), p. 266.

The following is a complete and exact transcript of the systematic catalogue, pp. 343-345, giving the names and diagno.ses of all Molina"s new species:


Accipitrc^. Tultur Jota uiger, remigibus fuscis, rostro cineraceo.

Falco Tharus cera, pedibusque luteis, corpore albo-nigrescente, vertice cristato. Strix Cunicularia capite Ijevi, corpore supra fusco, subtus albo, pedibus tuberculatifl pilosis.


1782. Molina, G. I. Coutiuiud.

Pica. Psittacus Jaguilma macroiinis viridiH, rfiiiifribus apico fuscw, orbitin fulvis. Psittacns Cyanalysios bracbyiiruH lutoo-vireuH, collare ca-nilco. iii-oit.vfd" rubro. I'sittacus Choneus brachyin-u.s viridis, Hiibtus ciinTt-ns, orbitis incomatis. Picus LiijnariuH pihfo coceiuco, eoi-jion- albo. caTiilcoiiuc vitt;it<>.

Picas I'itius oaiKla brevi, ci)i7)(irc fiisco niaciilis ovalibim albis j^utfato. Trocliilus Cyanocephalus leftirostris capitc, n-inigibus, rectricibusque ca-ruleis, ubdomine

lllbl'O. Trocbihis Oaleritus ciirvirostris viridi-auiTus, rt'ini^ibus. rectricibusriue fiisciu. crista pur-


A imeres. Anas llilanconjpha rostro sciiiicyliii<lri<<» lubi-o, capiti- iiiirro. cnriMd-c albo. Anas HybrUla rostro scniicylindrico, ccra rubra, cauda aciitiuscula. Auas Keijia carunciila couiprcssa fiontali, corport; citrulco sulitus fusco, colLari all)o. Auas Cuscvroba rostro cxtrcuio dibitato. rotuiidato. corjiorc albo. Dioniedea Chilengis alls inipcunibiis, pcdibiis compi-dibus tridactylis, digitis omnibus con-

nexis. Diomodca Chiloeiisis alls iiiip«'Uiiibus. jjudibus coinpi-dibu.s tetradactylis palraatis, corpore

lanuginoso ciucrco. Pflecanus Thagus cauda rotundata, ro.stro st-rrato. gula saccata.

Grallce. Pbffnicopterus Chilensis vnhn', rcniigibus albis. Ardea Erythrocephala crista dcprndcntc rubra, corpore albo.

Ardea Galatea occipite subcristato, corpore lacteolo, rostro luteo, pedibus cocciucis. Ardea djanocejihala verti<'e eristato ca'nileo, remigibus uigris albo niarginatis. Ardea Thvla occipite eristato eoneolore, corpore albo. Tantalus Pillug facie, rostro, pedibus^ue fuscis, corpore .ilbo, remigibus rectricibusque

nigris. Parra Chilensis unguibus modicis, pedibus fuscis, occipite subcristato. Otis Chilensis capite, juguloque la.-vi, corpore albo, vertice tectricibusque ciuereis, remigi- bus primor. nigris.

Fasserci. Columba Melanoptera cauda cuneata, corpore caernlescente, remigibus nigris. Stumus Loyca fusco, alboque maculatus, pectore coccineo. Tiu'dus Thilius ater, axillis luteis, cauda euncata. Turdua Thenca fusco-ciuereus, siibtus pallido-cinereus, remigibus rectricibusque apice


Tardus Curwus ater nitens, rostro substriato, cauda cuneata.

Fringilla Barbata lutoa, alls viridibus, nigro rubro(]ue maculatis, gula barbata.

1-Yingilla Diuca Cierulea, gula alba.

I'bytotoma (gen. nov.) Kostrura conicum, rectum, .serratum.

1 T>i ^ i. T> Xares ovatas.

1. Pbvtotoma Kara. , . , . , ,

Lingua brevis obtusa.

1783. Moux.v, G. I. Essai siir I'Histoire Xaturelle <le Chili. Paris. 1783. 8vo.

Not seen: title of tbis Frencli version from Ag. & Striekl., iJiii.— Orig. ed. 1782, q. v. There is another French ed., 1789, q. v.

1784. DoBitiziiOFKER, M. Historia de Abiponilm.s, Eqnestri, Bellioosaqne ParaquariiC

Natiouc, locupletata copio.sis Biirbarariim Gentium, Urbium, Fluminiuu, TeiTarum, Ampliibiorum, Iiisoctoniin, Soriii-ntimu pni'fipiiorum, Pisciuin, Avium, Arbornm, Plautarum, aliornmqne cju.sdcm Provinciio Proprictatimi Observationibu.s ; Autlioro Martiiio Dobrizlioffer, Presbytero, et per Annos (luodeviginti Paraqiiaiiio Mi.ssionario. Vicuna, 1784.

The editio princeps, not seen by me. There is a German translation, Vienna, 1784, and a later English version, London, 1822, q. v.

1785. Soxxixi DE Maxoxcour, C. N. S. Du Sa.sa, Oisean de la Gnyaue. K^Journ. dc

Physique, xxvii, 1785, pp. 222-224. Liihi. mid VoigVs Magn:., (3), iv, 1787, pp. 45-50 (liber den Sasa, eiuou Vogel aus Guiana).

Xotseen: titles of both these articles from Cams and Engelmann. The "Sasa" is Opistho- comus cristatus. Giebel m.akes " du Sasa " a part of Sonuini's name.

1786. Faiilbf.rg, S. Slntet, af Samlingar til Natural-Historien ofver On St. Bar-

tht'lomi i Vestiudieu. < KoiujL Vttoi.'ik.-Acad. Xyt Eandl., vii, 178G, pp. 248-254. Ctietly botanical ; a few birds given on p. 253.


1786. Molina, G. I. Versiich | eiuer | Naturyescliiclite | von | Chili. | | A'ou ] Abbe J. Iguatz Molina. | Ausdem Italianisclieii iibersetzt | vou | J. D. Braudis, I Doctor cler Arzueywisseiiscbaft. | | Mit oiner Lanclcbarte. | | Mit Cburfiii'stl. Sacbsischer Freyheit. | | Leipzig, | bey Frietli-icb Gotthold 4|icobiier 1786, 1 vol. 16mo (sigs. *1, 1 1. ; *"2, 1 1. ; *3, 1 1.; ^^4, 1 1. ; *5, 4 11.). 1) p. 11., pp. 1-328, map. See the orig. ed., 1782. In this Germau versioi), the birds are at pp. 205-238, 304-306.

1768. MOLIXA, G. I. Compendio | de la Historia Geogralica, | Natural y Civil | del Reyuode Chile, | escritoenltaliauo | j)or el Abate Don Juan | Iguacio Molina. | Primera [Scguuda] Parte, | que al)raza la Historia Geografita | y Natural, j traducida en E.spauol | Por Dou Domiugo Joseph | de Arquellada Meudoza, Individuo de la | Real Acadeuua de Buenas Letras de Sevilla, y Maestraute | de Ronda. | Eu Madrid | por Don Antonio de Saucha. | Auo M. DCC. LXXXVIII. I Se hallara en .su Libreria eu la Aduaua vieja. 2 vols. sm. 4to shape, liJmo type-bed (.sigs. *1, 1 ]. ; *2, 4 11. ; *'*'2, 4 11., etc.). Vol. I, pp. i-xx, 1-418, 1 map.

Seethe orig. ed., 1782. Only the first vol. is here cited: the second has a diflerent title, though beginning similarly, relates to the civil history of Chili, translated and augmented bj' various notes by Kieolas de la Cruz y Bahamonde, and dates 1795 ; has portrait of Molina and several ma])s.

In this Spanish version, the bird-matter is in Part or Vol. I. as above cited, pp. 257-301, 390-393. 1789. Browne, Patrick. CivilandNatnralHistory of Jamaica. Loudon. 1789. Fol.

Kotseen: said to contain a Linnaeau index. It is the 2d ed. See the orig. ed., 1756. 1789. Molina, G. I. Essai | siu- | L'Histoire Naturelle | du Chili, | Par M. I'Abb^ Molina; | Traduitde I'ltalieu, & eurichi denotes, | ParM. Gruvel, D. M. | | A Paris, | Chez Nee de la Rochelle, Libraire, rue du | Hurepoix, pres du pout Saint-Michel, u". 13. | | M. DCC. LXXXIX. | Avec Approbation et Privilege du Roi. 1 vol. 16mo. (sigs. a 1, 1 1. ; a 2, 1 1. ; a 3, 1 1.; a 4, 5 11.). pp. i-xvj, 1-352, no map.

See the orig. ed., 1782. In this French version, the bird-matter is at pp. 211-249, 321-324. The translator makes a separate head ("§ XXXY. Oiseaux. Gimim en Chilieu.") for the birds, and introduces Molina's binomials into the general text, in brackets. 1792. Richard, L. C, and Bernard, J. P. Catalogue des Oiseaux envoy^s de Cay- enne par Le Blond. <^Actes Soc. Hist. Nat. Paris, i, 1792, pp. 116-119.

Not seen: title from Carus and Engelmann, Hibl. 1794. West, H. Beytriige | zur | Beschreibuug | vou | St. Croix. | | Nebst einer | kurzen Uebersicht | der benachbarten luseln, | St. Thomas, St. Jean, Tortola, Spanishtowu | uud Krabbeneylaud | von | Hans West, | Rector am Westiu- discheu Schulinstitut. | | Aus dem Diiuischeu, | mit Verbesserungen und Vermehrungen des Yerfassers. | | Ivopenbagen, 1794. | Bey C. G. Proft, Sohn und Compaguie. 1vol. Itinio. 2 p. 11., pp. 1-274.

Orig. ed. 1793, [q. v., beyond. Addenda.] Ardea coenilea and Fulica ehloroims, p. 243. 1802-05. AzARA, F. DE. Apuutamientos | para la Historia Natural | De Los P;i- xaros I del Paragiiay | y Rio de la Plata, | escritos | Por Don Felix de Azara. | Tomo Primero [Seguudo, Tercero]. | Madrid MDCCCIl [MDCCCY]. | eu la impi-enta de la viuda de Ibarra. | Con liceucia. 3 vols, very small 4to (type- bed size of a 12mo). Vol. I, 1802, 1 p. 1., pp. i-xx, 1-.534 -{-W. Vol. II, 1805, 1 p. 1., pp. i-viii, 1-562 -|- 1 1. Vol. Ill, 1805, 1 p. 1., pp. i-vi, 1-479 -f- 1 1.

Editio princeps scarce, and seldom actually consulted, though constantly (pioted. Sonuini's French translation, Paris, 1809, is oftener handled. Azara describes 418 species, all unfortu- nately under Spanish names only, as many of them are here published for the first time, and form the original basis of many binomial names later bestowed by Tieillot, Temminck, Lichten- stein, and others, to -which, in the nature of the case, much uncertainty and no little confusion attaches in many instances. Hartlaub has published an invaluable Systematic Index (Bre- men, 1847) to Azara, identifying the species as far as possible, with a concordance of ed. princ. and ed. Sonnini, and a considerable synonymy. Fi-om the latter I quote the following, referring to the learned and accurate commentator himself for further particulars:

"Nur Wenigen ist Azara's beriihmtes "Werk iiber die Vogel Paraguay's in der spanischen


1802-05. AzAUA, F. dp:. Contiiiucd.

1802 bis 1805 zu Madriil (■r.icliiciicucM Ori^inalau9;j;abo bokannt. Er.st <lui(li Soiiiiiiii'a solir venlii.'ustlicho Ucborsftzuiiij wurdi- tluMSflbo fiir ilio WiHMCUSi-lial't iiii wciti rin Uinf;iiij;o ziiKiiiij^lich. lu dii'Sir Ut;biT.sft/.iiii^ siiid dio oil ctwas Vf.'i-worrcu aiiciiiaiidiTK<'tu;;fi'H Orij;i- UiilbfHclin.-ibiinjicii zwcckiiiiisMi;; in Fdiiiicn, Ma.XH.se iiud Fiirbtiiit; grsoiidui-t, uud d<-8 Vt-r- fasscrs J5»;kaiiiiln<'hat't iiiit deii Vojiidii Giijaiia's orliolit dcii Wcitli dea cntisilii'ii ThuiU desaclbt'U. IJa.s eiMto 'NVcik, in weUluiii Azaia'sclio ^'i>};l■l HysteiimtiHchi- J5fncniniui;fn I'llialtcn, IhI, wt-nii wir uiclit irreu, Ti'miDiiu-k's ..IliHtoire iiaturellu dea Pifjeous et des (Jalliuac^cs". IJald daniuf vcrsitclito Vieillut iu dciii 1810 bis 1819 l)fi D6torville heraus- Kckdinnu-iicu ,, Dictionnairu d'hi.iloiro uatiiitdlo" dit-SL-lbeu aiiniiiitlicli dun daziinial atifyo- stclltfu (jattuut;cn einzuverloibcn uud di-ii si-incr Ansiclit iiacli ziivor iiubuac'hrii'bi-ncii wissi-nst'Iiaftlioln- Namc-n zu ;;cbcu ; clu Vcrsuch, dcsHcu nicliiala zwcifclliaftcr Krfoly naiuciit- lichdcni I'lu.staudi) bcizuuifs.st-u ist, das Viuillot dicai; Vo<;cl nur iiacli I!uHrliifibuii;;<-ukaiiutf, niithin sowohl liinsiclitliili iliicr systcniatiKcheu Sti-lluii}j als aiit-li ilircr Artwflbatiindigkrit in zaldroiclic Irrtliiniicr vcrfallcu niiisstc. Uubcnauut blicbrn vun ibni nur wcnittf Arten, wclclie er niclit niit f;''"''J-'''>'d>T Siclieilioit in dieser oder jener (lattun^j untiT liiin^cn zu kounrn ;;laubte. Fiir einzolnu sdiuf er nt-uu Giucra, so Alettmrus fiir den ,,Gallito" uud .Stej;an()i)iis fiir den ,,(,"liorlito del tarso ronipriniido". In den drei die Oniitbologie unifas- sendeu Tlieilen des ,,Tal)leau eneyclopCMliciuo et nietliodifiuo des trois rei^nes de la nature" flndet sieli Vieillot's Nonienclatur der ,,l'<ixar()s" niit gerinjivn Al)iiuderuu};eu reitroducirt. (lleiclizeitiii mil letzt^ienanntiMU I'.ucbe, also iH'I'.i, ersehien Lielitenstein's ,,Verzei<liniss der Doiiblcttcu des zoidojjiselien Museums der Konigl. Universitiit zu Berlin", ein AVerkelien, weliliein die AVissenschat't zuni 'i'lieil iius deiii (Irundc einen danemden Werth zugestanden liat, weiles die erste miifass( iidere eritiselic IJeuutzuu;; und lieriicksieliti^TunKtler ,,1'iixaros'" entliiilt. Unter TJO darin anfg'<'fiilirten brasilianiseiieu voni Verfasser mit Arten Azara's fiir identiseh erkliirteu Vojrelu betinden sicb etwa 50, welehc, daderselbe das ,,Uictiouuaire dliis- toiro naturelle" noeli nieht kanute, von ihni systeniatiselic Benennungeu erlialten, die denn freilieh mit wenig Aiisnalimeu durch die frlihereu Vieillot's in den Kang von Synouymen zuriiekgedriiniit werden. Eint; sehr angemesseno Wiirdigiuig fiuden Azara's Arbeiten in des Prinzen von Neuwied trefflielien ,,15eitragen zur Naturgesehiehte Brasitieus". Etwa 150 Vii- gelarten Paraguay's glaubt derselbe fiir mit vou ihni beobachtc^ten gleiehartig halten zu diir- fen, uud hiiiirtg tindot er Gelegenheit des spanischen Naturforschers Bemerkuugen iiber Lebensweiso mit seiucn eigeueu zusaxumenzustellen und zu bestiitigen."

1807. IIUMHoLDT, A. V. ijber die CliiiiawiiUlcr iu Siiclauicriku. <^A[ag. GacU. Xn-

iurf. Frvunde zu Lci'Vin, i, 1H07, pp. 57-6S. Bt'haudelt Vogel, p. 59.

1808. MoLiXA, G. I. The | Geographical, | Natural aud Civil History | of | Chili.

I I By Abbe Don J. Ignatius Molina. | | Illustrated by a half-sheet map of the country. | | With notes | from the Spanish and French versions, | and I an appendix, | containing copious extracts from the Araucaua | ofDonAlouzo deErcilla. | | Translated from the original Italian, | l>y an American gentle- man [A. Alsop]. I 1 In two volumes. | Vol. I [II]. | | Middletown, (Con- n[ecticut, U. S.].) [ Printed for I. Eiley, ] | 1808. 2 voLs. 8vo size, 4to by sigs., 4 11. to a sig. Vol. I, 4 p. 11., pp. i-xii, 1-271, 1 1., map. Vol. II, 1 p. 1., pp. i-viii, 1 blank 1., 1-300, 1 inipaged p., 1 blank 1. ; (Appendix), pp. i-iv, 5-68.

See the original editiim, 1782. In this, the earliest English version I know of, the bird- matter is iu vol. I, chap. IV, sect. V, pp. 102-188, witli the original Latin diagnoses at pp. 240- 242; sec also p. 208. Phijtotoina liere becomes "Phitotoma". As in some other versions, tlie footnotes of the original are liere dispensed witli, and the technical names aie inserted iu tlic text in parentheses.

"The author of tlie present -work, Don Jxuva Ignatius [i. e. Giovanni Ignazio] Medina, was a native of Cliili, distinguished for his literary acquirements, .and particularly his knowledge of natural history, large collections iu which he had made during his resi<h'nce in that country. On the dis.s(dution of tlie celebrated order of the Jesuits, of which he was a member, he shared the general fate of that connnunity, in being expelled from the territoi'ies of .Spain, and was at the same time deprived not only of his collections in natural history, but also of his manu.scripts. The most important of the latter relative to Chili, he had, however, the good fortune to regain by accident some time after his residence in Bologna, in Italy, whither he had gone on his arrival in Europe. Funiished with these materials, he ajiplied himself to writing the History of that country, which was published at two ditl'ercut pt'riods : the tirst part, comprising the Natural llistory, iu the year 1787 [qiu 1782], and the second, for reisons mentioned iu Lis preface, not uutU some years after."


1809. AZARA; F. DE. Voyages | dans | I'Am^riqiie Mt'ridionale, | par Doa F^lis <le Azara, | Commissaire et Commandant des limites Espagnoles de Paraguay | depuis 1781 jnsqu'en 1801; | Contenant la descrix)tion g^ographiriue, poUtique et civile du | Paraguay et de la riviere de La Plata ; rhistoire de la d^cou- | verte et de la conquete de ces contr^es; des details nom- | breux sur leur liis- toire natirrelle. et sur les peuples sauvages | qui les Labitent; le reoit des moyens employes par les | J^suites pour assujetir et civiliser les indigenes, etc. I Publics d'apres les mauuscrits d-j I'auteur, | avec une notice sur sa vie et ses Merits, | Par C. A. Walckenaer; | enricliis de notes par G. Cuvier, | Sec- retaire perp^tuel de la classe des Sciences Physiques de ITnstitut, etc. | Suivis de riiistoire naturelle des Oiseanx du Paraguay et de La Plata, par | le meme auteur, traduite, d'apres 1' original espagnol, et augment ee | d'un grand nombre de notes, par M. Sonuini ; | Accompagnds d'un atlas de vingt-cinq jjlauches. | Tome Premier [-Quatrieme]. | | Paris, | Dentu, Imprimeur-Libraire, | Rue du Pont-de-Lodi, 3. | 1809. 4 vols, small 8vo, and large 4to atlas. Vols. I, n, no ornithology. Vol. Ill, 2 p. 11., pp. i, ii, 1-479. Vol. IV, 2 p. 11., pp. 1-3S0. Atlas, 4to, same date and imprint, titled Voyages | dans | L'Am^rique m^ridionale, | par Don Felix de Azara. | | Collection de planches. 2 11. of text, Jill. XXV, of which xxii-xxv are of birds.

In this Frencli version Ity Sonnini. much better kno^vn than the original, Azara's Apunta- mientos para la liistoria natural de los Paxaros de Paragiiay, etc., are contained in the third and fourth vohimes : four birds are figured in the atlas. !Sounim"s translation is considered "meri- torious", hut has its short-comings. See especially Hartlaub"s Sygtematischer Index. 1847.

1809. MoLiXA, G. I. The | Geographical, | Nartiral, and Civil | Hi.story of Chili. ]

Translated from the original Italian of | the Abbe Don J. Ignatius Mo- lina. I I To which are added, | Notes | from the Spanish and French ver- sions, I and I two Appendixes, | by the Eugli-sh editor; | [etc., 5 lines.] | | In two volumes. | | Vol. I [II]. | | [London:] printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme. | Paternoster-roAv. | | 1809. 2 vols. 8vo. Vol. I, pp. i-xx, 1-321-f 1^11. advt., map. Vol. II, pp. i-xii, l-38.j-f-li 11. advt.

Seethe original edition. 1782. This is npp.irently reprinted from the Middletown (Conn.) ed. of 1808, 5. r., with whichjt is substantially identical in the ornithological matter. Birds: Vol.

I, Chap. IV, sect. V. pp. 191-222. and pp. 282-284 : see also p. 317. IJr.t the English editor (a-t I may state for others than omithologi.sts) ha.s added occasional notes over the initials E. E.. and subjoined a further elucidation of the language of the Anmcanos, from Falkners Pata- gonia, besides adding the two appendixes mentioned in the title.

1810. Ledru, A.-P. Voyage aux lies de Teneriii'e, la Trinite, Saint Thomas, Sainte-

Croix et Porto-Ricco, . . . »S:c. Par Andre-Pierre Leilru . . . &c. Paris. 1810. 2 vols. Kimo. [See complete title beyond, <